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Why fully guided dental implant surgery?

Raleigh DentistFully guided dental implant surgeries offer consistently better outcomes and higher levels of safety over conventional dental implant surgeries for two reasons.  First, the implant surgery is planned and developed virtually using 3D technology to maximize benefits and minimize risk; and second, a custom surgical guide allows the implant to be placed exactly according to that ideal plan. 

The most important factor to an implant’s success is its location in the bone.  If the implant depth, angulation, and bone support is not precisely considered and planned, the forces placed on the implant over time increase the likelihood of failure.  Let’s think of implants like columns on a building.  If the column is not straight or the weight of the building is not aligned directly down the length of that column, the structure will start to sag and eventually collapse.  

An improperly planned or poorly placed implant will place lateral forces on the system that can lead to bone loss, broken implant parts, or possible infection and the need to remove the implant years after the implant surgery.  A properly placed implant drives the risk of these complications way down.

How does the doctor plan implant cases?

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A 3D CBCT is taken of your jaws and a digital model scan is taken of your teeth.   Your scans are uploaded into an implant planning technology where the ideal implant size, length, location, and angulation is determined while avoiding all vital structures like sinuses, nerves, and adjacent teeth and maximizing bone support for the dental implant.  A custom surgical guide is then 3D printed for your case.  During surgery, our North Raleigh doctor uses the surgical guide to place the implant precisely according to the plan within 0.2mm.  This type of consistent accuracy is simply not possible without the guide even in the hands of the most skilled surgeon. 

How does it benefit patients?

Safety – During our dental implant surgeries, the implant has been planned to avoid vital structures and adjacent teeth.  Following the surgery, the implant’s location has afforded the best chance to reduce short-term and long-term complications.    

Efficiency and Comfort – Our implant surgeries are usually performed in less than an hour with local anesthesia.  It’s often faster than other procedures like fillings or crowns.  Patients are continually surprised at the ease and comfort both during and after surgery.  There is typically minimal bleeding and post-operative pain is easily managed with over-the-counter medications. 

Longevity – Your dental implant is an investment, and like most investments, it should be planned with the future in mind.  Our implants are precisely planned and placed to withstand the forces in the mouth over time.  The risk of complications and failure is reduced. 

Raleigh Dentist
This photo was taken immediately after Dr. Chapman completed this procedure. Notice how clean and precise the implant is.
Raleigh NC Dentist
These two implants were placed perfectly parallel to each other. Without the fully-guided technique used by Dr. Chapman, this is almost impossible to achieve.
Raleigh Dentist
This is an x-ray of the dental implant shown to the left. The placement is perfect.

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